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09/2019 - 06 2021

Vytautas Magnus University


04/2019 – 07 2021

HEPI Institute Humanistic and Existential Psychology 

Existential Therapy 


06/06/2019 (3 days) Vilnius 
Somatic Movement Seminar by Caryn McHose and Andrea Olsen 


23/03/2019 (2 days)

Caucasus Body Psychotherapy Association 

Human Body Resources and TOP in Art Therapy 


07/12/2018 – 20/07/2019

Programme held by Professor Ludmila Lebedeva

Art therapy methods for psychological consultation in social work, teaching and health field


11/2018 (3 days)

Integral Dance Center

Dance movement therapy programme Integral Dance Practice 


01/03/2018 – 11/11/2018

Institute for Personal Development “Rafaelis”

Neuroeducators’ Training Programme 


30/08/2013 – 01/09/2013

Lithuanian Association of Psychodrama 

Action Methods in Companies 


10/2012 – 01/2013

Kaunas Gestalt Center

Work with Individuals Programme 


12/2011 – 04/2012

Kaunas Gestalt Center

Work with Groups Programme 



Adizes Institute, USA

Organizational Change Integrators‘ Training 



Adizes Institute, USA

Change Management: The Basics of Adizes Methodology 



CEEMAN, Bled, Slovenia 

Programme Managers’ Seminar 

A member of 

East European Existential Therapy Association

Association "Bendrakeleiviai"

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